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I love a good episodic series. Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Rome, Firefly, Dollhouse, Carnival, Sopranos, Sex & The City. It’s hard to find a good comedy. There’s 30 Rock, Friends, Will & Grace. What do you find funny on TV, past or present, but preferably streaming?

Community has quickly found a place for itself in my Top 25 Shows of All Time. It is getting close to the Top 10, actually. It’s pretty simple why: good writing, casting, directing, set design, acting, little moments like “Troy & Abed in the Morning.” Just little things like that.

Seriously, this show is comedy gold. Do you think Abed is way “coocoocool” too?


Would love to hear your favorite comedies and a few of the shows that are in YOUR Top 10 Shows of All Time in the comments below. That would be coocoocool.

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  1. Community is DEFINITELY on my list- I was so relieved to hear that it will be back this spring. I also love Parks & Rec and Modern Family in the comedy department. My guilty pleasure for new shows this year has been Once Upon a Time.


    • I adore Once – not quite sure how the show will last more than one season, with the plot line device, but really enjoying it so far. Love Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White. Is Modern Family better when you watch it sequentially? I haven’t seen many episodes. Thanks for the feedback!


  2. We LOVE Community and are so disappointed that it is having issues with the network. My husband says “coolcoolcool” all the time and I think secretly wishes I would join him in the Abed-Troy secret handshake. We have also gotten really into Up All Night, pretty funny because I’m sure I’ve been in most of those situations.


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