A North Face coat changed my social life this winter

I was given a North Face coat to review! SO Seattle! When the days are short and the rain is heavy, it’s hard to get motivated to get out of the house on winter nights in Seattle.  Going out on a cold and rainy night just got a lot easier for me, since I was gifted this North Face coat. Seriously.  You know the nights – it’s rainy, it’s cold, it’s gross out. Suddenly that Netflix instant queue starts looking a lot more appealing than trudging outside in the weather. No more deciding not to do something because I didn’t want to get cold or wet. I know I’m going to stay warm and dry with this coat.
Owning this coat has made me realize how many of my coats really fall short in keeping me warm! The lining of the pockets are soft (in mint color matching the coat lining which I love!) so keep my hands warm and cozy. The zipper zips all the way up to your chin – great coverage on the coldest moments. This jacket makes me want to get out hiking soon, but is cute enough to wear in the city.  I’m planning on taking it to the coast this weekend!

North Face coats and accessories available at Macy’s.

Disclaimer: Gigasavvy gifted me with this coat but all opinions are my own.  I’m definitely buying North Face in the future! I love this coat!


More photos coming soon.



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