Giveaway: Teatro Zinzanni’s “Hail Caesar: Forbidden Oasis” show runs 9/12/13 – 1/28/14

Walking into the tent at Teatro Zinzanni is like walking into another world.  It’s definitely an excuse to dress up and a great place for a special date night, girls night out, or birthday celebration!
Teatro Zinzanni’s newest show, “Hail Caesar: Forbidden Oasis” brings back the talented Frank Ferrante (known for his stellar performance of Groucho Marx as well as previous performances as Caesar at TZ), incredible contortionist Vita, the oh so sexy Duo Madrona, charming pair Dick and Mitzi and my personal favorites, Les Petits Freres (you can’t help but love these acrobatic clowns).
I’ll be featuring a review of the show by a guest blogger soon, but TZ invited me to give away a pair of tickets now to their date night on Wednesday, September 25th!
Comment on this blog post with what element of the show (check out the details here) you’re most excited about, then visit the Rafflecopter app here to enter to win! (Must enter via rafflecopter to be in the running)
Synopsis for “Hail Caesar: Forbidden Oasis” which runs September 12 – January 28:
Passports at the ready? Set course for a Saharan-style adventure filled with intrigue, romance, cirque, comedy, and a lavish feast fit for a pharaoh! Chef Caesar returns to claim the heart of the tantalizing siren Cleo. An action-packed performance teeming with soaring archeologists, astonishing acrobats, and a hula-hooping goddess all expertly combine into an exotic elixir that ignites unbridled passions… Love Spice! Exhilarating adventure, titillating romance, delicious dining.


  1. I love love love when Caesar is here! Always the most amazing night out. Wonderful food and drinks with great love-themed shows!


  2. Oh golly yes– I love Zinzanni. My friend just started working here, too, and I’d love to go visit her while seeing a show! 🙂


  3. You had me at “Hula Hooping Goddess”. I LOVE good acrobatic clowns. I adore TZ, such a fun addition to our performing arts scene in Seattle.


  4. I’ve never been to Teatro Zinzanni, but I’m a huge fan of Cirque and would rather watch acrobats than gamble when I’m in Vegas! Would love to see what Seattle has to offer in terms of this type of entertainment!


  5. I’ve never been to the Teatro Zinnani, but I heard everything is spectacular! To be honest, because I’ve never been, I’m most excited about everything about the show. It seems like it’s something to experience once or twice for sure. Thank you!


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