Wasabi Grilled Cheese at Bleu Grotto

I have hesitated writing a post about the savory wasabi grilled cheese (just typing those words makes my mouth water!) at Bleu Grotto on Capitol Hill in Seattle because I have yet to get a photo of it that I like! Taking food photos with an iphone is really challenging (especially in low light situations). But I just have to tell you about it. I seriously crave this sandwich (and the starter salad) ALL of the time – probably more than any dish in Seattle!

Their wasabi grilled cheese comes with three dipping sauces. Yes, you get to dip it!  I’m not sure if it’s still spelled wrong on their incredibly quirky and large menu, but it is delicious, no matter how you spell it.  The three sauces are the wasabi sauce, something white and tasty and a peach like sauce. Ok I really should have done my research. I’ll come back and let you know more the next time I go in.  You can get the sandwich with a starter stetler salad (now with kale!) that also has hummus on it, which I strongly suggest (hold the onion please).

The old location of Bleu Grotto (then, Bleu Bistro) had a little bit more secret charm, but they have really done some special things to their new space. There are some tall community tables in the center of the restaurant, a bar, some small seating at the window and (my favorite) a few booths with curtains you can pull around them for more “secret” feeling dining. You’ll need some time to get through the menu (their cocktail list alone is long and fabulous). There are other great things on the menu, my friends tell me (I’m boring and just order the WGC every single time). I love their lemon drop as well.

That’s it. One of my favorite places in Seattle. It’s past 10pm and I’m getting ready to head out on vacation, so my brain is a little fried, but I hope you get a chance to visit them soon.  If I get sad about coming back from vacation, I’ll console myself with the reminder that wasabi grilled cheese will soon be in my future.


  1. The bleu bistro grottos grilled cheese sandwiches’ dipping sauces were wasabi powder formed into a paste and peach chutney I don’t know what the white sauce was, that one was my least favorite one anyway!
    I finally found a recipe for it if you’d like to have it! It’s the peach chutney dipping sauce that takes the most time making cuz it has an entire recipe of its own that you have to make


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