Pocket Watch: Unicorn names, Anniversaries, Golden Girls & More

Pocket Watch! Here are some mini “pockets” I’ve loved lately and a tasty event coming up this month:

The Bottle Boys perform Under the Sea in a pool:

Finally watched the visual delight that is the movie Baraka. If you haven’t seen this, add it to your queue. This scene reminded me of “Monkey Chant” at Burningman – a type of experience I think everyone would get something out of:


The kid inside me got a kick out of this Unicorn Name Generator. (The names are great – the descriptions, even better).  The ten year old inside me would like to share that my name is Daisy Sparkle Moon. I am a very clever horse with deep, mysterious eyes. I am as sparkly as the milky way and I love to dance on moonbeams. Wow, spot on!  Also, coincidentally, my boyfriend’s unicorn name also ends with Moon (he is Corn Lovely Moon) and we both love to dance on moonbeams. It’s also our 6th year anniversary this weekend. DESTINY!


Speaking of Corn and anniversaries, here’s something unique: a man surprised his wife on their 50th anniversary with a corn maze designed after their wedding photo:


Favorite find on Etsy lately? These Golden Girls Legos:

golden girls

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