My Sweet Lil’ Cakes back Wed – Friday!

My Sweet Lil’ Cakes used to have their sweet and savory cakes on a stick stand right across the street from The Baltic Room on Capitol Hill…then they disappeared (not sure where they went). Just got word they are going to be in Westlake Park this Wed – Friday from 11am – 3pm. If they get enough business, they’ll be able to make it a regular thing. And trust me, you want them to be a regular thing in downtown Seattle.

I’m a big fan of their Green Apple Caramel with Pecans Sweetcake (vegan and gluten free) and Blueberry Lemon Ricotta with Honey Lemon Syrup cakes in particular and can’t wait to give their Free range chicken and waffle with maple butter a try this week!

Details on this Facebook event page.

Rotating Menu:

sweet 1

The owners (so cute!):

sweet 2

Some sweet cakes: blueberry, apple and red velvet: sweet 3

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