Inside Pocket: Daily Gratitude

Last month, a group of people I know invited me to join them in a concious effort to spend a few private, focused moments a day focused on what we are grateful for. This month, I’ve seen even more people join in this effort. It’s very exciting to see.

I’m going to use this particular blog post to document what I’m grateful for each day. The important part for me are the moments dedicated in stillness and silence being grateful, but it sure is fun to keep record of all the amazing things that are in my life, big and small, here on the blog.

November 1

I’ve been calling him Dr. Boz this week. Having been hit with a rough fever and sore throat/cough, the boyfriend has been for me day in and out supporting me in so many ways, from getting me soup to rubbing my back, and “poor-baby-ing” me while I whine about feeling icky. I’m a lucky girl.


November 2

I’m grateful for an amazing group of friends who encourage me to be exactly who I am and bring out the best in me. I especially love how brave they are to live their lives authentically as well. More on the specifics of these friends soon.

friends fingers

November 3

I’m grateful for having the ability to shop for gifts for my family for the holidays. Not everyone is so lucky. When I worked at The 5th Avenue Theatre, every year we “adopted” a family or two and helped fill their wish list/needs list.  I especially liked that the gifts were delivered to families early so they could be wrapped and put under the tree as gifts from the parents and santa. Some donated cash towards a grocery gift card for their holiday meal. I will never forget the day my colleague Ian, who was my age and raising a family himself, brought in a bike which was on the boy’s wish list. The boy’s first name was Ian as well and our Ian couldn’t let the other Ian go without having a bike.  His generosity was pretty darn incredible and touching.  Since I now work for myself, I’m banding together a group we’re calling The Motley Elves to sponsor a family or families ourselves!  If you want to be part of this endeavor, just let me know.


November 4

Grateful for amazing communication with my partner. We’re at 6 years and counting and couldn’t be where we are without our dedication to honesty and communication. I love knowing I can trust him with my feelings and he can trust me with his.

November 5

Grateful for coughdrops and being able to work from home. Still sick.

November 6

I am grateful for the ability to work from home. Being sick makes everything harder, but I’m glad I can tweet and Facebook and beyond from afar.

November 7

So grateful to have so many close women friends in my life.

November 8

Grateful to have my boyfriend home. He’s sick – sicker than me – so I’m able to take care of him. Poor guy! Sorry this is not very exciting for you guys. HEALTH! BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH (which you probably don’t have right now if you live in Seattle).

November 9

Grateful for talented artists. Today, grateful for  Jason Edward Davis who painted my newest piece of art. I’ve  named him Sgt. Bubblegum:

bubblegum jason

November 10

I am so saddened by the news of the terrible typhoon that has hit the Philippines. I’m grateful for all the aid workers who are helping the community during this tragic time. My heart goes out to everyone hit by this disaster.

November 11

Veteran’s Day. I’m grateful for the men and women who have served our country. While I don’t always believe in the war efforts our government chooses, I know that I would not have the freedom I do today, had it not been for so many individuals who fought hard to keep them.

November 12

I’m grateful for my mom and dad who raised me to believe in myself, follow my heart, be kind to others, take value in education and reading and so much more.  Aren’t they cute?!

mom and dad close

November 13

I’m so grateful to be working with Michelle Sanders and The Atomic Bombshells on their show that runs tonight through Saturday, “The Atomic Bombshells…Lost in Space!” Can’t wait to don some fake eyelashes tonight and see the show!

ab poster

November 14

I’m grateful for the amazing wasabi grilled cheese and specialty cocktails at Bleu Grotto, their awesome staff and the fun design of their restaurant on Capitol Hill.

November 15

I’m grateful for the power to forgive. To let go, to move on, to learn.

November 16

I’m grateful for my parents! I’m also grateful for my new little table – no more eating dinners on the couch! Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us move it and Wanda and Tito for the gift!

November 17

I’m grateful for restful moments on my couch.

November 18

I’m grateful to my friend who opened up her house to me while she was out of town so I could enjoy a night on my own! Alone time is so important, isn’t it?

November 19

I’m grateful for trying new things (Rubinator – great suggestion Maren), new friends, and tater tots at Six Arms!

November 20

I’m grateful for my amazing apartment and having Brandon to help make it a home with me.

November 21

I’m so very grateful for my nieces – we had such a blast going to Disney on Ice!

November 22

I’m grateful for good conversation with friends…and hot toddys!

November 23

I’m grateful to reconnect with old friends who are back in my life.

November 24

I’m grateful to know two amazing people who got hitched today!

November 25

I’m grateful for french dip sandwiches at Grim’s.

November 26

I’m grateful to have a boyfriend who is amazing in many ways, one of them being his playful spirit.

November 27

I’m grateful for my family.

November 28

I’m grateful that I have not experienced hunger or poverty in my life. I wish all were that lucky.

November 29

I’m grateful to be able to celebrate Hanukkah a bit this year! We have friends staying with us over the weekend, so borrowed another friend’s decorations (she’ll be out of town) to add a little Hanukkah color and feel to the living room during their stay.  Our friends visiting brought their menorah so we’re able to sing the Hanukkah blessing with them each night as we light the candles!

November 30

I’m grateful for all the people who have been contributing gifts and money towards our adopted holiday family – we are gifting a family of four (mom, two daughters and son) with gifts and a gift card for groceries this year. What the holidays are all about!

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