Little Shop of Horrors Giveaway – Don’t Miss THIS Seymour!

Ridiculous, quirky and oh-so-entertaining, Little Shop of Horrors comes to ACT Theatre March 8 – June 15th!

I have been looking forward to this production since ACT and The 5th Avenue Theatre first announced their upcoming co-production. Recently, at Spamalot, I caught a glimpse of an ad for this show in the program and nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw the role of Seymour will be played by the charming and talented Joshua Carter. The perfect casting.

The adorable and talented Joshua Carter as Seymour
The adorable and talented Joshua Carter as Seymour

Have a peek at his performance at a recent spotlight night (note: Spotlight Nights are concert style performances, sans the set, staging, costumes etc):

Gorgeous and affable Jessica Skerritt will play Audrey and big-voice-tiny-bombshell Naomi Morgan is part of The Trio.

Want to enter to win a pair of tickets to the show? Enter on our Facebook page, here!


  1. Because I’ve known Jessica skerrit for the last 15 years and she is at the absolute pinnacle of her passions. So excited!


  2. I remember seeing this movie in the U district with friends over 35 years ago.
    I loved the interaction with the audience.


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