Pick Pocket: Beaches, Budgets, Vonnegut and Detectives

Pick Pocket!

I have a great group of friends on Facebook. They are a  diverse, knowledgeable bunch and sometimes I pick their brains! Here’s this edition of Pick Pockets.

Apps to use to read Reddit (Alien Blue is the most popular)

beach vacation
Image via thecomputerdesign.com

Best Vacation Beaches (From Thailand to Hawaii to Mexico and beyond)

Best Online Budgeting Tools (Mint and You Need a Budget are favorites)


I really enjoyed the TV series “True Detective” so asked my friends what other shows they would recommend. I was impressed to see many shows I hadn’t heard of before (not always the case when asking for TV show tips). Note: True Detective and many shows on this list are not for the faint of heart!


I realized I had never read any Kurt Vonnegut books and needed to change that. Here’s what books of his my pals suggested I start with. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts (feel free to add yours if you haven’t chimed in yet!

I love comments and questions! Post yours here:

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