Call for submission: experiences and products in Seattle

Thanks for being a Seattle Pockets reader! I’m so glad you enjoy following along with my blog.

I’m going to start a weekly round up series, listing a mix of events, experiences (both in Seattle area and things to do at home like books and podcasts), and products.

If YOU have something you want me to consider sharing in a future round up, let me know!

Maybe you’re associated with the org or shop providing the experience or product, or maybe you’re just a big fan and want to spread the word!

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max-anderson-VIF1-szxZlQ-unsplashPhoto by Max Anderson (thanks for sharing, Max!) 

Great Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Seattle

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

Bleu Grotto, the restaurant that carried my all-time favorite dish (Wasabi Grilled Cheese with dipping sauces) is now closed. So, I polled my community to see where the best GCs are in Seattle.

Favorites included: Beecher’s Cheese in Pike Place Market, The Neighbor Lady, Cafe Pettirosa, Georgetown Liquor Company, Portage Bay Cafe, Citizen Coffee, Row House Cafe, and the Grilled Cheese Experience food truck.

Read the full list here and feel free to add YOUR favorites!


Photo via Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Facebook page.

Pick Pocket: Podcasts, Movies, and what to do with Seattle tourists

I’m so grateful for my diverse, interesting, fun, and thoughtful group of friends and followers on Facebook! Here’s some insight on some lighthearted questions.

Like your favorite or add a new one if it hasn’t already been mentioned:


Wide variety of favorite podcasts.

about time

Favorite romantic comedies.


All time favorite movies.


What’s one thing you would do and one place you would eat in Seattle with out of town guests?


And then a question for my mom: best places in the Seattle area for chile rellenos. (I couldn’t find an appetizing photo of chile rellenos, so here’s a photo of a margarita).

Photos via: Modern Love Podcast / About Time / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Tim Durkan Photography / Seattle Weekly 


Pick Pocket: Beaches, Budgets, Vonnegut and Detectives

Pick Pocket!

I have a great group of friends on Facebook. They are a  diverse, knowledgeable bunch and sometimes I pick their brains! Here’s this edition of Pick Pockets.

Apps to use to read Reddit (Alien Blue is the most popular)

beach vacation

Image via

Best Vacation Beaches (From Thailand to Hawaii to Mexico and beyond)

Best Online Budgeting Tools (Mint and You Need a Budget are favorites)


I really enjoyed the TV series “True Detective” so asked my friends what other shows they would recommend. I was impressed to see many shows I hadn’t heard of before (not always the case when asking for TV show tips). Note: True Detective and many shows on this list are not for the faint of heart!


I realized I had never read any Kurt Vonnegut books and needed to change that. Here’s what books of his my pals suggested I start with. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts (feel free to add yours if you haven’t chimed in yet!

Pick Pockets: Vancouver, Photographers, Working Out and the Eastside

Pick Pockets!

I have a great group of friends, acquaintances and subscribers on Facebook! They’re a diverse, knowledgeable bunch and sometimes I pick their brains! Here’s this edition of Pick Pockets!

Restaurants & activities to enjoy when in Vancouver, Canada.

Things to do and restaurants to enjoy when in Bellevue, Washington. (They were right Din Tai Fung was awesome – so going back there!)

Good photographers in Seattle (was specifically asking about family portraits and headshots).

Gym suggestions around downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill.


Anything YOU want me to ask about for next week? Or additions to any of the list? Chime in, in the comments below!

Pick Pockets: Tattoos, Pandora, PDX, Into The Woods & More

Introducing something new to my blog: Pick Pocket Posts!

I love my community of  Facebook friends and subscribers, and they are FULL of wonderful information!  I am so grateful to have such an amazing community (from close friends, acquaintances I haven’t seen since college or high school, colleagues, folks  who follow me after finding this blog, and beyond) who willingly provides suggestions when I need help. Thank you ALL for letting me “Pick Pocket” your brains!

pick poc 1

Recent Pick Pockets – click through to read suggestions from my community…and feel free to add your own!

Favorite tattoo artists in Seattle.

Things to do and places to eat in Portland, Oregon.

Songs people loved when they were kids.

Based on the cast list, will Into the Woods the Movie be terrific or a train wreck?

Pandora stations: Funky and Upbeat and perfect for a cocktail party.

What to keep in mind for shopping for a small laptop. 

cat computer