Fantastic musical “Matilda” plays 5th Avenue Theatre through September 6

My nieces, their parents, their grandparents, Brandon and I, and Nara’s friend and her mom had an awesome time seeing Matilda at The 5th Avenue Theatre! It’s a wonderful production of a quirky tale. I thought the sets and staging were incredibly creative and really captured that special Roald Dahl magic. I can understand why Time Magazine called this “The best musical since The Lion King!” The whole audience was giggling throughout the evening.

The nieces and their friend outside The 5th Avenue Theatre before the show:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.11.41 PM

Here, guest blogger Somer reviews the musical after seeing it with her 8 year old son:

From start to finish the cast of Matilda takes the audience on a fantastical journey into the inner workings of Matilda’s mind and experiences.  Although difficult to understand the words at times, the cast members dance and song numbers were a hit with me and my 8 year old.  I liked that the stage settings were simple and helped to tell the story of a little girl who is searching for meaning and connection in her life that is fraught with meanness from the human beings around her.  All in all this was a great production and good retelling of a favorite childhood tale.

Tickets, here.

mat3 mat2 mat1

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