Special Offer: Get immersed in the Seattle International Improv Festival (this week)!

Join me for some laughs and a unique experience at “All Around You: The 20th International Festival of Improv” at Unexpected Productions in Pike Place Market!

The festival is June 22nd through June 26th. Exploring the nature of performance and space, these special improv shows will feature an immersive quality that will be more audience interactive than your regular improv performance. My pal Paul Levy is one of the cast members—I look forward to seeing him perform when I attend this Friday!

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More about “All Around You”:

The performances from All Around You, the 20th Seattle International Festival of Improv explore the nature of performance and space. The immersive quality of the show will create an exciting interactive environment for the audience to experience the story from within the story. The performers will work with techniques to erase the “fourth wall” between the improvisers and audience, to create a show where the audience may be unknowingly performers and the performers the audience. The participants will always be respected and taken care of and often involved in active roles. This year’s Festival will feature improvisers from Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, Great Britain, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. Unexpected Productions’ audiences will have the unique opportunity to see these International masters of improv during evening performances throughout the week.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 5.45.19 PM.png

Photos by Dk Reinemer. Poster art (detail) by Tony Beeman.

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