Time to vote! How to vote, register, get a new ballot, or get out the vote.

It’s time to VOTE!

A few quick important things:

✅ If you’re not sure HOW you want to vote (on a certain issue or for which candidate), reach out to a friend whose values align with yours! I reach out to a few specific folks I know every year: folks who share my values and who spend even more time researching the candidates and issues than I do. (Fun fact – my plan on how I was going to vote was identical to theirs this year, which was great validation.)

✅ To the above point, if you find MY values are aligned with yours, feel free to reach out and I will share with you how I voted in case you are inspired to vote the same in some or all categories. Thanks to those friends who have already asked.

✅ If you aren’t registered to vote or can’t find your ballot, it’s not too late! King County residents, click here for more info. If you aren’t in King County and are curious how to replace your ballot or find out if you can still register and need some help, feel free to message me and I’ll help you find what you’re looking for!

✅ Post / email / message friends to encourage them to vote. Research shows that the simple act of encouraging folks to vote has an impact in increasing how many people take the time to vote in an election.

➡️ Get your ballots in by November 2 (must be postmarked by Nov 2 or in the ballot box by 8pm if you live in Seattle).

As you might have guessed, I am happy to make it easier for anyone to vote. If you need support, I’m happy to do some searching for you, regardless where in the country you are. Just reach out if you’re in need of some extra support!

🙏🏼✨ THANK YOU for voting! You’re invited to share this post to help reach more people.

Sending you love,


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