Free: “Saving the Planet with our Forks: The Food System and Climate Connection” (online interactive event on Oct 28)

by Keridwyn Deller

My pal, Mary Purdy (a fabulous Integrative Eco-Dietician) is sharing an online, interactive presentation on October 28, 2021. The event is called “Saving the Planet with our Forks: The Food System and Climate Crisis Connection” and it is FREE! RSVP to get the link, here.

I hope you will join in to learn simple ways to help make a difference for the environment with simple tweaks and actions. I look forward to tuning in! Mary makes nutrition, food, and environment learning FUN with her approachable style. (I mean, just check out the photo of her below. She is such a joy and offers a wealth of knowledge on her podcasts, youtube channels, and blog.)

More about the event (in Mary’s words from her recent email newsletter):

As a Climate Reality Leader and board member of the Climate Reality Project King County, I’m offering this interactive, virtual presentation to learn how our food and agriculture system is a driver of climate change and will offer simple ways you can make a difference not only with how you buy, eat and prepare food but also how you can advocate both in your community or place of work as well as through local and federal policy actions! Join in the discussion as we work together to learn and create solutions.

Sign up here

More about Mary Purdy:

Mary Purdy, MS, RDN, is an Integrative Eco-Dietitian who holds a Master’s Degree in clinical nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA, where she has been adjunct faculty since 2015. She has provided nutrition and lifestyle counseling for over 12 years, given 100+ nutrition workshops, and speaks nationally at conferences on both nutrition and sustainability-related topics. She is also the host of the podcast “The Nutrition Show” and author of the books “Serving the Broccoli Gods” and “The Microbiome Diet Reset”.

Photo via Mary Purdy’s website

I have learned so much from this woman – thanks for your podcasts, videos and enthusiasm, Mary!

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