Her Kids were part of the Covid Vaccine Trial. What this parent wants all caregivers to know.

Here’s a letter to all Caregivers, from Erin A. (Mom of two in Seattle, WA):

Now that the day has finally arrived when kids aged 5-11 can receive the Pfizer Covid vaccine, I would like to share my experience as the parent of two kids enrolled in the Pfizer pediatric vaccine study.

My kids, ages 2 and 6, were enrolled in the study over the summer, and each received two shots, one blood draw, one bonus blood draw for the 2 year old, and many, many nasal swabs. Both kids were enthusiastic participants (aside from the blood draws) and had no major side effects.

My hope in sharing our experience is that it will encourage those who may feel a little hesitant to get their kids vaccinated right away. Some people might want to wait a few months ‘just to see how it goes’. I can understand that feeling, but it’s important to know that the vaccine would not have been approved without data showing minimal side effects, and a great efficacy rate! There’s no reason to wait-lots of kids like mine have participated in this study so that the vaccine rollout could finally get to this age group.

We will be participating in the study for another 1.5 years. Every time we get a cold, we will do a nasal swab for the study. Every week I fill out a symptom log, and there will be one more blood draw for each kid. My kids are both happy we are a part of the study, so that we can play a small role in getting through this pandemic. Please, take this chance to do your part, and vaccinate your kids as soon as they are eligible.

Note from Keridwyn/Seattle Pockets:

Here are photos Erin shared with us of her kiddos after blood draws and shots:

Thank you, Erin, for sharing your family’s experience with us!

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