Comedy, Musicals, at-home experiences, Hip-Hop and more. (Seattle events Nov 2021)

by Keridwyn Deller

Live theatre and performances are returning to Seattle – here’s a round-up of some great experiences in Seattle as 2021 comes to a close:

The Seattle International Comedy Competition is happening now in Seattle (Pike Place Market, Capitol Hill & U-District) AND around the sound (including Bainbridge Island, Northbend, Edmonds, Vashon, and more). I have been a comedy judge for this competition for many years and am always impressed by the quality of the comedians who perform and compete. It sure feels good to take time out to laugh, especially this year. (Now – November 28)

The improv Show I’ve seen the most times, The Improvised Christmas Carol, returns to Unexpected Productions in Pike Place Market late November through December. Half of the performances star my talented friend Paul Levy as Scrooge. The show follows the plot arch of the classic tale but changes some plot themes from silly suggestions from the audience. I’m pretty darn excited to dress up in some holiday themed outfit and go to this quintessential Seattle theatre again. (Nov 26 – Dec 23)

So Fetch. The live stage musical version of the popular high school movie Mean Girls is playing The Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle – and YES the book writer of the musical is Tina Fey! (short run: Nov 16 – 21)

Mean Girls

Craving entertainment but want to avoid being around strangers right now? Cafe Nordo to the rescue! They are now offering “Nordo Room Service” boxes” that look right up my alley! “Indulge in the adventure of decoding a mystery, solving a puzzle, and unveiling a clue in one of Nordo’s cinematic mysteries-in-a-box!” Delivered right to your door. There are three themes to choose from (including an Alice in Wonderland inspired theme). Check them out here! My friend Monica gathered with a few close friends recently and she LOVED her box and is tempted to do another one soon. Brandon and I are planning on doing one in December -my review will follow, but I imagine it will be a fun night.

Seattle Symphony is back! Dausgaard Conducts Brahms is November 11 & 13 at Benaroya Hall. Live music in a beautiful venue for all classical music lovers!

The fabulous Can Can has a new home (still in Pike Place Market, just a different location). I’ve only peeked into the bar area so far, which is gorgeous! Their show Masquerade is on now (through November 28). Next up is Wonderland: A Carnival of Winter Wonder (Dec 2 – Jan 9). (Note: Can Can shows are – check performances for age requirements,)

MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture) is open and features a new exhibition. Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop is here. “See how artists like The Notorious B.I.G., Aaliyah, Wu-Tang Clan, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and so many more defined themselves to the public.” (On now.)

Image via MoPOP Facebook Page

Note: Some venues that require masks also may allow guests to eat and drink indoors. If this is a concern for you, please check the protocols of each venue and performance.

Be vaxxed and masked and enjoy your outings!

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