Cafe Nordo’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” for karaoke and dinner theatre fans (now through August 13)

Calling all fans of Alice in Wonderland, Cafe Nordo, Karaoke, and/or delightful dinner theatre! Cafe Nordo’s current production of “Down the Rabbit Hole” is a lighthearted show featuring an array of quirky twists, including art installations, a fun blend of storytelling and pop song karaoke, and a five-course meal.

During breaks in the show, when food is served and cocktails are refreshed, some of the Wonderland characters will lead you through side rooms of curious art installations (who knew salad could be served in such an interesting way!) and the characters interact with the audience during these breaks as well.

This photo gives you an idea of the space:

I particularly enjoyed the wine flight, the vegetarian entree option of artichoke and olive bread pudding, and the savory Japanese-style Pepper Tart with Mama Lil’s Pimento Cheese.

We made it an extra special night by inviting friends (there were at least 10 of us at tables around the venue) and it gave us an excuse to dress up in outfits inspired by the world of Wonderland.

My outfit of the night:

The cast was charming. Special shout out to Jacquelyn Miedema who had me giggling throughout the show with their performance of The Mad Hatter. 

Learn more about the production (and get tickets) here.

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