Escape to the steamy world of Seattle’s Can Can Cabaret with “Lola!” (Pike Place Market, now through August 28)

Leave your troubles behind and step into the world of the Can Can, with their newest production, “Lola!”

Brandon and I had a delicious date night at the Can Can‘s new space (don’t worry, they are still in Pike Place Market, they just moved their location a bit down the way with a gorgeous, beneficial upgrade.)

Burlesque, Cabaret, and the perfect blend of silly and sexy, it felt amazing to see Shadou Mintrone and Jonny Betchtel flirt and flaunt their talents alongside the other fabulous cast members of this fun original production of “Lola!” 

It wasn’t just the new space or the novelty that seeing live performances have after being in a Pandemic for so long: “Lola” is one of the best shows we’ve seen at Can Can.

I had the chance to connect with both Shadou and Jonny for a sassy Q&A session! Scroll down past their photos to hear what they have to say.

Jonny Betchtel (Emcee & Co-Producer of Lola) with the full cast. Photo by Nate Watters.
Shadou Mintrone (Cast member, Costumer, and Co-Producer of Lola). Photo by Nate Watters

Q: If someone is picking one show to see each month (or season), why is Lola the one to pick?

ShadouLola is fun, whacky, and above all entertaining. It’s light-hearted and heart-felt at the same time and I think will easily become a Can Can favorite. 

Q: What’s a memorable moment from a rehearsal or recent performance?

Shadou: The tech process is always a game-changer. Watching the show come to fruition in all aspects is always mesmerizing. I don’t think anyone quite realizes what goes on behind the scenes, so to be a part of that process as well as the performance itself is amazing.  

Q: How do you imagine an audience member feeling as they head out after the show?

Jonny: I can’t presume to imagine how they feel, but I hope they leave happier, and more connected with the people around them. We have all been lacking in community, so I hope Can Can brings a little bit of that back to their lives.

Q: What’s a fun challenge about playing [your role] in Lola?

Figuring out how to be a character in a made-up world while also being completely honest with each audience.

Q: What do you love about Can Can’s new venue?

: It’s potential! We have only scratched the surface of what is possible in that space and I cannot wait to see what it becomes over the next few years.  

Q: What’s something you love about a fellow cast member or someone involved with the show?

Shadou: I am in constant awe and amazement of our entire cast and crew. The energy, commitment, and talent combined are unlike any other I have ever experienced and I am beyond grateful to watch each and every one of them grow and evolve in Can Can’s space and in their craft. 

Thank you, Jonny & Shadou, for taking the time out to share this with us!

Lola” plays at Can Can in Pike Place Market in Seattle now through August 28, 2022. Tickets and more info here.

Photo by Nate Watters

Special shoutout to performer Richard Peacock who I hope to see perform again and again in the coming months and years. They are so enchanting and talented!

Read on for the show description, in their own words.


In their own words ( from ):

Lola is the summer spectacular you won’t want to miss. It’s 1970 at the Copacabana where famed showgirl – Lola and bartender – Tony are on the fritz after a lengthy tumultuous affair. Lola’s fellow performers are caught in the middle of the relationship drama and torn between their loyalty to Lola and their drinking buddy, Tony. Rico the suave, womanizing flair bartender from Fuegos Mucho Caliente (the Copacabana’s rival restaurant) has caught wind of the break-up and plans his pursuit of Lola. When Tony hears of Rico and Lola’s entanglement, he crafts a plan to win Lola back. As Rico and Tony’s rivalry escalates, fate will decide who wins the hand of the prized showgirl. 

Inspired by the lyrics of Barry Manilow’s Grammy Award winning song “Copacabana,” Can Can’s summer show masterfully blends comedy and flirtatous sex appeal. Add the delectable, market fresh food and libations thoughtfully sourced from the Pike Place Market, you’re sure to have the night of your life. Featuring new music, original choreography, vibrant costumes, and more from our tenured creative team, Lola is primed to be yet another sell out hit for Can Can.


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