“Jagged Little Pill” The Musical brings Award Winning “Juno” writer together with Alanis Morrisette’s iconic music. Seattle Nov 8 -13 [+ Cast Member Interview]

It was an album that blew us away. An album that helped so many of us feel seen and understood. An album that had millions of us pouring over the CD lyrics booklet while listening to the tracks from beginning to end. “Jagged Little Pill” the album by Alanis Morrisette came out in 1995 (the summer between my Freshman and Sophmore year of highschool). Years later, “Jagged Little Pill” the Musical premiered in 2018 and opened on Broadway in December of 2019. And now, November 8 – 13, 2022, it’s going to be here in Seattle at The Paramount Theatre. Like most of their touring musicals, Jagged is only here for a few short days. (Tickets here.)

When I first learned of Broadway at the Paramount’s 2022-2023 Season, this show and “Moulin Rouge” were the two I was most excited about.

My husband also played this CD countless times when he was in his late teens, so over the 15 years of being together, the two of us have bonded over our love of this album. Naturally, I think of him now anytime I hear “Head Over Feet.” We’ve had “Jagged Little Pill” the Musical on our calendar as a date night for months now. I’m so looking forward to seeing the show with him.

Recently, I discovered that Diablo Cody wrote the Book for the musical (the script – everything spoken, not sung, in the show). You may know her name as the award-winning screenwriter of the movie “Juno.” She also won the Tony Award for her Book Writing of “Jagged Little Pill.”

Here’s an interview with Alanis about her involvement and feelings of the musical.

I had my own opportunity to host an interview…with one of the cast members of the tour of “Jagged Little Pill” the Musical! Here’s my Q&A with Ensemble member Zach Hess:

Q: If someone is picking one show to see each month (or season), why is Jagged Little Pill the one to pick?

Zach: It’s just as advertised, “some shows you see, this show you feel”. Everyone that I know who has come to see Jagged has left being changed in some way for the better. Jagged brings together grammy award-winning nostalgic music and topics and themes that need to be discussed in these current times.  

Q: What’s a memorable moment from a rehearsal or recent performance?

Zach: Just last night during a number in the second act called “No,” we saw several people in the audience breaking down and sobbing. This number has been known to draw out lots of emotions from our audience members due to the sensitive subject matter. To witness such emotional reactions night after night inspires us to continue to make these safe spaces for people to come and have a moment where they can feel seen and heard and allowed to express whatever they have gone through/are going through. 

Q: How do you imagine an audience member feeling as they head out after the show?

Zach: Jagged leaves you with plenty of material for discussion afterward. There are lots of different subject matters that may or may not be comfortable for some people to discuss. But Jagged is willing to bring those subjects to the forefront for those who are/have been personally affected by them, both for our audiences and those of us on stage. 

Q: What’s a fun challenge about playing your role in Jagged Little Pill?

Zach: A fun challenge about my role in Jagged is every night the show is different. It’s not a cookie-cutter musical where you must do the same exact robotic movement, it’s very personally different for each actor on the stage every night. Sure, we have to hit certain marks and be in the light when we need to be but the way we present our story every night is different and that keeps it fresh and interesting. 

Q: Describe the show using up to six emojis:

Zach: 😤😎🥹🥲😨🥰

Q: Describe your character using up to six emojis:

Zach: 😎🧐🤬😳😭😘

Q: Some shows have a ripple effect, affecting audience members in different positive ways for weeks to follow. Are there ripple effects you imagine someone might experience after seeing Jagged Little Pill? 

Zach: Besides leaving Jagged humming some of our favorite tunes from the 90s, Jagged opens up dialogues in lots of different sectors of people’s lives that can be overwhelming at times but also inspiring. And that is the ripple effect. People are starting to feel comfortable having conversations about topics that have been swept under the rug now as well as in the past. 

Thanks for taking the time to connect with me, Zach! I look forward to seeing you on stage here in Seattle very soon.

More about ZACH HESS: (Ensemble) He/him. is soo ready to be back with this incredible show. Being part of the original Broadway company, he can’t wait to see how this show changes people’s lives around the country as it did on Broadway. (OBC) Frozen (Pabbi, u/s Prince Hans), Jagged Little Pill (swing). (National Tour) Cats (Munkustrap), The Book of Mormon (Elder Price Standby). MUAH to friends and family. @zacharyhess

“Jagged Little Pill” the Musical plays The Paramount Theatre in Seattle November 8 -13, 2022. Tickets here.

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