Mini-reviews of “Jagged Little Pill” the musical (in Seattle now – Nov 13)

by Keridwyn Deller

It’s VERY rare that I post about the same show twice in a row, but we loved Alanis Morrisette’s “Jagged Little Pill” the Musical so much, I thought you should know. The show is at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle for only a few short days, now until Nov 13, 2022.

I was not expecting this show to be quite so fulfilling and satisfying. From the audience, I experienced a lot of emotions. Jaw-dropping awe. Tears. Laughter at many writing choices to use the album lyrics as clever inspiration for storytelling and jokes. Nostalgia. That YES feeling when someone really nails it in a powerful way (is there a word for that?).

I would have laughed if you had told me “Jagged Little Pill” would slide onto my list of the best shows I’ve seen in the last 10+ years. But this show (and its absolutely awesome cast) had already won me over before the end of the first act.

If you connected with this album (and the rage, struggle, and brazen emotional messages within it), I recommend you see this show. Grab a friend or date that also connected to the album I had no choice but to love this album in my teens. The writers, directors, actors, Alanis, and all involved did this album justice.

I had the joy of seeing four friends in the lobby pre-show. Here are what two of them wrote when I asked them for their mini-reviews today:

“As a huge fan of Alanis Morissette from my youth, I went into the show not knowing what it was about, just that I wanted to hear her music on the stage. I was blown away by how powerful, creative, and moving the story was. Absolutely an A+ show worth going to. It brought me to tears multiple times.” – Katherine Tole

“I have such personal feelings about this album and it was interesting to see it interpreted in this unexpected way. I wasn’t expecting such an emotionally intense storyline to be paired with the music, but it made me feel and think differently about the album in a good way. The cast nailed the music and I loved how many songs were sung by a collection of cast members, which made the songs have more depth and meaning.” – Christina

“It was awesome!” – a FB friend

“I didn’t realize Heidi Blickenstaff is in it. I love her!! She was in one of my favorite shows “Title of Show”. Looking forward to it!” – a FB friend

If you’ve seen the show and want to include your own mini-review too, I’d love that. Use the comments section on this blog post or on my FB or IG.

Here are a few of the cast shout outs I made in my quickly written Facebook post this morning:

“[Jagged Little Pill] was SO good! I was blown away. The show as a whole is terrifically written and executed and holds what is now one of my favorite musical numbers that I’ve ever seen on stage (that’s really saying something!)

It’s here in Seattle only until Nov 13 but you can still get tickets.

I’m so thrilled that I got to see actors Jade McLeod as Jo (oh. my. god. gave me goosebumps!), Heidi Blickenstaff (phenomenal), Chris Hoch (what a voice), and Jena VanElslander (enthralling!) perform live. Such incredible performances from this ENTIRE cast!

If you are one of the many of us that had a strong connection with Alanis Morrisette’s “Jagged Little Pill” album, I recommend you see this touring Broadway production.”

And, as you might remember me saying other times I’ve recommended something I think is awesome: Go into it with low expectations. You’ll enjoy it even more. Is that a little too ironic to say in a glowing review?

Read my interview Zach Hess, one of the great ensemble cast members, here.

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