“SHe Said” combines a theatrical gender-identity exploration with a live glam-rock/soul-pop band (Oct 6-9, Capitol Hill, Seattle)

Four nights only. A 90-minute theatrical show exploring gender identity, love, and transitioning.  A live band playing all-new glam rock and soul-pop. 

Reading that description, it should come as no surprise that I am stoked to see the premiere of “SHe Said” by Jen Ayers in early October. 

The premise of the show was the first thing that drew me in. “SHe Said” helps fill a need for more quality performance-based art that explores gender identity within a container of love.  Experiencing positive representation through art can both help us increase our self-compassion and improve our understanding of other people.

The deeply-personal and vibrant storytelling that Jen Ayers brings to Seattle through “SHe Said” is bound to be powerful and memorable, creating a positive ripple effect on both individual and community levels. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to witness this for the first time in person alongside an audience of friends and strangers.

Did I mention that the show features two of Seattle’s best powerhouse performers? Jen Ayers and Marc Kenison. 

Does Marc’s name ring a bell? You may be more familiar with them as the sensational, clever, and ridiculously charming boylesque performer “Waxie Moon!” If this will be your first time seeing them on stage, let me be the first to welcome you to the fandom. *wink*

Jen Ayers: I was first introduced to her powerful, enthralling voice years ago in the fabulous production of “House of Thee Unholy” at The Triple Door. I later had the joy of seeing her rockstar her way through her performance as “Donatella” at Teatro Zinzanni. If Jen Ayers is a part of something, I know that part will be great. And, lucky us, this whole show is her creation and she takes center stage. (Funny enough, one of my favorite memories of seeing Jen perform wasn’t actually in-person. Early on in the pandemic, I stumbled upon her live online performances from the grand piano at her home, bringing many people “together-though-apart” with much-needed entertainment.)

Tightly-designed shows are my jam. A 90-minute show? Yes, please! And we know the electricity that a live band on stage can add to a theatrical performance. Let’s go!

“She Said” makes its world premiere at Seattle’s Broadway Performance Hall on Capitol Hill this coming Oct 6 – 9, 2022. October is going to be here before we know it. With only four shows, today is a great day to secure your tickets for this music-focused story experience.

I hope you’ll get the chance to see the show. I’m excited to hear your reviews!

Photo by Andrew Kvenvolden, taken at The Crocodile

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