Pick Pockets: Tattoos, Pandora, PDX, Into The Woods & More

Introducing something new to my blog: Pick Pocket Posts!

I love my community of  Facebook friends and subscribers, and they are FULL of wonderful information!  I am so grateful to have such an amazing community (from close friends, acquaintances I haven’t seen since college or high school, colleagues, folks  who follow me after finding this blog, and beyond) who willingly provides suggestions when I need help. Thank you ALL for letting me “Pick Pocket” your brains!

pick poc 1

Recent Pick Pockets – click through to read suggestions from my community…and feel free to add your own!

Favorite tattoo artists in Seattle.

Things to do and places to eat in Portland, Oregon.

Songs people loved when they were kids.

Based on the cast list, will Into the Woods the Movie be terrific or a train wreck?

Pandora stations: Funky and Upbeat and perfect for a cocktail party.

What to keep in mind for shopping for a small laptop. 

cat computer

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