H2 Ahhh

Drinking as much water as I “should” is often a challenge for me. But I think I’ve found a way to solve this problem: Cucumber.


Kristi and I enjoyed happy hour at Nijo  earlier this week and while their yam fries were delicious, the thing we exclaimed the most about was their cucumber water. The waitress walked by with a water pitcher that had a whole, peeled cucumber in it to refill our glasses!  You can “make” your own cucumber water at home by either throwing a slice into a glass, or putting a pitcher of water in the fridge with slices of cucumber (or a chunk of it, if you prefer the way that looks, just be sure to peel it first). Create variations of cucumber water by adding mint, lime or lemon.

Added bonus: Cucumbers have a lot of nutrients. REAL “Vitamin” water without the sugar! 

One thing to note: don’t drink all the water you need per day all at once – it’s healthier to drink several glasses of water throughout the day.


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