Robin Hood Drinking Game

Once in a blue moon, I like to gather with friends and watch movies from our youth.* On such occasions, we find it fun to throw in fun, festive accents like party favors, costume elements, related games…and sometimes, a drinking game.  I came across the drinking game rules that Erin typed up for a special viewing of Robin Hood (Disney’s cartoon version) that she and Paul hosted at their house a while back. Here they are, in case you want to use them. Drink Responsibly**. You can pick from these rules, if you wish – you don’t need to follow them all!

Robin Hood Drinking Game


  • When any character says “King Richard”
  • When Prince John sucks his thumb
  • When a character says “Crimenently”
  • When you hear any alliteration (slimy slithery snake, bouncing bumbling bear, etc)

Additional Rules

  • When anyone says Oo-de-lally – SAY IT BACK – or drink!
  • If you spot a continuity error in the film, call it out – everyone ELSE drinks


*Though the movies may be from our “youth and teenage years,” we do not condone underage drinking. Also, please, don’t drink and drive. 

**No, “Responsibly” isn’t a liquor name or a specialty cocktail, but I agree with Paul that it should be.

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