All aboard! RN74 lunch menu has arrived!

I’ve had some amazing food over the last few weeks, as I’m sure many of you have as well.  Big Italian holiday dinners, decadent desserts, too many cookies and late night snacks.  But there’s still a meal that I had – at lunchtime, no less – earlier in December, that I have to share with you. Because you must go in to enjoy this restaurant for yourselves.

RN74 Seattle.

This European train station inspired restaurant’s menus will lead you through a delicious tour of flavors and textures that are at once unique and approachable.  The space itself provides a place that will definitely impress your guest for a business lunch, and (now that they’re open for lunch Monday – Saturday 11:30 – 2:30) is the perfect respite when shopping downtown as well.

Photo: RN74
First, we started with the House-made pretzels with whole grain honey mustard.  A new leaf was turned over in my life – until this moment, I’d never cared for mustard. Glad to see things change. The pretzels were perfectly salted and I can’t wait to return to RN74 for their happy hour (Monday – Saturday 3pm – 6pm) to enjoy these along with a glass of wine.
I’ve always been known as a “picky” eater, but it seems that now, in my 30s, my tastes are changing. I’ve finally found a soup I like – so much so, that I’ve found myself daydreaming about it since my last lunch.  Clearly, it’s time for a trip back to enjoy my new favorite dishes in Seattle: Cauliflower Veloute.  There’s something about the combination of cauliflower, honey crisp apple, marcona almonds and curry oil that really excites the palate. Also, I love these bowls!
Also delicious – and delightful in presentation (no “dressing on the side” requests needed for this one) was the Hass Avocado Louis salad.
Whether it’s lunch, happy hour or dinner, a trip to RN74 will help make your next visit to downtown Seattle even more spectacular.
RN74 is located at 1433 4th St in downtown Seattle.


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