Other Coast Cafe on Capitol Hill delivers

Sometimes, you just need food to come to you.  But having a “lactard” in the house (and being a bit intolerant of lactose myself, like most humans) makes pizza only an option if you order it with no cheese. So I’m always excited to hear about  Seattle restaurants that deliver food besides pizza.  For Thai, we turn to Pinto. And now we’ve discovered a great sandwich and salad place also delivers on Capitol Hill:



The Other Coast Cafe delivers from 11am – 9pm daily.  Brandon’s a big fan of the Rajun Cajun and we both love their chop salad (dressing comes delivered on the side, good call, guys).  I love to build my own sandwich – this weekend I created what might be my new favorite: sub bread, 1/2 roast beef 1/2 salami, a little bit of horseradish, havarti cheese (indulging a bit), lettuce, pickles and pepperoncini.



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