Mini Pocket? Pocket Watch?

I’m going to start some fun blog segments.  Inside Pockets will be where I share some deeper, personal thoughts and experiences. PickPockets will feature fun little interviews with Seattleites sharing some of their favorite “pockets” of the city.

Another segment I want to start is this one…Stuff I liked throughout the week that I want to share all in one post. A sort of “Five Friday Faves” segment (though I might not always do it on Fridays, we’ll see). Now, what to call it? Mini Pockets? Pocket Watch? Emptying My Pockets? Hot Pockets? (ew.) Share your thoughts/ideas in the comments or message/FB/tweet me! Thanks for staying with me through my growing pains! Even though I don’t have a name yet, I have some things to share with you this week:

  •  I laughed out loud at this video of a 4 year old and her dad-on-ukulele singing…she’s got a different agenda.
  • “If I let her learn who she is now she won’t have to deal with others telling her who she’s supposed to be later.” – fantabulous quote from a mom in a post by Bedlam of Beefy’s blog post “I’m strange. And I like it.”  Go read the whole post.
  • I have a problem of opening too many tabs in Google Chrome. It’s a problem I’m working on (current tab count as I write this: 15. Whoops). Sometimes I close a tab without meaning to though.  I just learned if I hit CTRL+SHIFT+T (or Command+Shift+T on a mac) it will open the last tab I closed.
  • Splurged! I think I’m in love…totally worth it. Now, what to name her?
  • Incredible dish I had at Plum: Oyster Mushroom Fettucine – I think this ties with their Mac and Yease as my favorite dish there. Leftovers were delicious too (still working on my food photography skills).
  • Fav instagram I took this week (#Trophypartybook launch celebration is tomorrow night!):


What have you discovered this week that YOU love?


I love comments and questions! Post yours here:

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