Pocket Watch: Muppets, best thing on the internet, Billy Joel & more

Pocket Watch! Here are some mini “pockets” I’ve loved lately and a tasty event coming up this month:

Seattle Restaurant Week (which actually lasts two weeks) is coming back October 13-17 & 20-24. I’m planning on hitting up Icon Grill and The Tin Table! Our pals at Yay Today are giving away a $50 gift card – check it out.

Pocket might be my favorite tool on the internet. Save articles to read later with one click so you don’t get distracted while you’re working. And yes, this helps in my ongoing battle with having too many tabs open at once.   You can access articles later (even when not online) via their app. It’s just coincidental that the gal behind Seattle Pockets LOVES Pocket.

Enjoyed singing along with My Life by Billy Joel this week with Billie.

Visually appealing: Baraka – finally watched this incredible film that captures moments in many different cultures with a mesmerizing soundtrack made from a mix of instruments from around the world. A must see.

My favorite instagram of the week (taken at Missing Link Toys in Portland – more on them soon!)


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