BoltBussin’ it to Billie!

I love working while I’m traveling from one place to another. I was excited to hear about BoltBus (offering affordable rides along the West Coast – as well as other areas of the country) and the fact that it has wifi on board.  I had a chance to try it out recently on a trip to Vancouver, Canada for a friends wedding (we stayed at the The Loden Hotel while we were in Canada, which I highly recommend).
It was a great experience. Affordable, decent amount of leg room, large windows to see the sights and wifi on board. They even have plug ins in most the rows to charge your laptop or phones while you ride.  I’m actually blogging this on a BoltBus on my way to Portland for the weekend to visit my gal pal, Billie P. and work away from home.
A few tips:
– Check your seat for plugins if you have devices to charge. Many but not all have them and seating is not reserved, so find one before you sit down
– Check the seat. Ours rocked back and forth (something was a bit loose) on the ride to Vancouver. I’m pretty sure this is a rare thing, but I now check the seat before sitting down, as it was a bit distracting during our ride.
– Want to sleep? Bring an eyemask! The windows are quite large and there aren’t shutters on them like you have on an airplane.
– Bring a waterbottle. They have cup holders at your seat and hydrating while traveling is important (one of these trips I’ll actually remember to follow my own advice – doh!
-Book early – pricing changes the more full the ride becomes, though it does stay affordable.
There is a bathroom on board as well. The experience in the seat is similar enough to that on an airplane that it seemed strange not to have a tray table, so just be prepared to type with your computer on your lap.
I’m really enjoying my 3rd BoltBus experience. The wifi isn’t perfect, but you are on a moving vehicle after all (this reminds me of the great Louis CK bit about people complaining about wifi on planes).  I know there a lot of BoltBus rides in my future!
Have you tried BoltBus? I’d love to hear your review in the comments below!
me on bolt1
Disclaimer: BoltBus comped my first round trip experience, but I paid for my second round trip on BoltBus personally. ‘Cause I LIKE it! And, as always, free doesn’t change my opinions. 

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