GIVEAWAY: Seattle Wine and Food Experience is back February 22nd

​The Seattle Wine and Food Experience is back February 22nd, 2015 and what a delicious experience it is!
Here are some of my tips surrounding this exciting event:
1. Bring a friend.  It’s great to attend this event with a partner-in-wine so you can taste and compare your thoughts together. Have a friend with a birthday in January – March? Make this your birthday gift to them! Also this makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. My birthday is just two days before, so this outing will be a birthday treat for me!
2. ​HYDRATE! This is SO important when wine tasting. Drink water to cleanse your palate between trying different wines, but mostly so you take good care of yourself and don’t end up with a headache after the event.
3. Charge your smartphone before you go. You’ll be juggling a lot with food and drink but as you’ll be discovering some incredible wines and more during this day, you’ll want to make note of what you liked to help jog your memory later. Snap photos of labels you loved to reference it later (or to share on twitter or instagram during the event). You can even use the voice recorder on your phone to save details of why you liked a certain wine or bite. If you share photos on Twitter or Instagram, use hashtag #SWFE.
4. Have fun doing a bit of research before. Take a look at the HUGE list of food and beverages that will be there. Make a list of places you want to hit – be sure to visit favorites you love but also include wineries, cideries and restaurants you’ve never tried before. You’ll leave finding new favorites!
5. Bring a large purse or bag. Many places offer samples or cards/flyers for free visits to tasting rooms or discounts at restaurants. You’ll need somewhere to stash these along with your water bottle while you carry your plate and glass.
6. Get your tickets early. This event is popular (now it it’s 7th year)!
7. It’s ok to pour out what’s in your glass! If you aren’t wild about the wine, it’s ok to dump the rest. Pour amount is provided so you can get an accurate sense of the color and smell, but if you taste what you need and don’t want more, don’t drink it!
8. Engage in conversation about the wine with the folks pouring, but step a bit to the side as you do so, so they can continue to pour for others.
9. Enjoy the “Wente Vineyards Aroma Experience” at the event where you can learn more about the aromas in wine. Can’t wait to check this out!
10. Love bubbly? Splurge and get the SWFE BIG tickets that includes tickets to Seattle Mag’s Pop! Bubbles and Seafood event.
Want to enter to win two tickets to Seattle Wine and Food Experience? First comment on this post with a wine or food you’re excited to try at the event, then click here to enter via my form! Giveaway ends 11:59pm Pacific Time 1/20/15.
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39 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Seattle Wine and Food Experience is back February 22nd

  1. This event is fantastic, I have had so much fun and learned a lot the last 2 years I attended. Thanks for posting and reminding me it was coming up.


  2. Thanks for the helpful tips! I am looking forward to tasting many WA and OR wines such as Three Rivers Winery’s Merlot 2012. And I’d love to try fresh made Gnocchi from Gnocchi Bar!


  3. Well this would definitely be a great birthday gift to me too!! Would love to win tickets and try some Oregon pilots I haven’t yet experienced.


  4. This would be a fantastic birthday present for me as well! I would love to win tix and try some new Oregon Pinots which I have yet to experience.


  5. This is always an “off day” for the diet. There’s just too much amazingness to try! I’d be excited to see what Macrina puts together. (Also, the aroma experience sounds really neat!)


  6. This is always an “off day” for the diet–there’s too many amazing things to try! I’d be excited to see what Macrina has to offer, and the aroma experience sounds really neat!


  7. I’m excited to try the food from Shuga Jazz Bistro. I loved Wayne Johnson’s food at his previous restaurants and can’t wait to see what style of food he’s doing now!


  8. Great write up, super informative and thorough. I’m looking forward to trying Gnocchi Bar
    by Chef Lisa Nakamura. I heard nothing but amazing things about her and her food! Thank you!


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