morFire serves up delicious Thai-style hot pot (Capitol Hill, Seattle)

Now that we’re fully vaccinated, Brandon and I decided to pick a restaurant to eat at to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary. It had been over 15 months since I had dined indoors.

The restaurant Poppy had been our anniversary tradition for many years, but as they closed their doors for good a while back, we had the opportunity to pick a new place.

Our decision came easily: morFire on Capitol Hill, here in Seattle.

morFire is a delicious Thai-style hot pot restaurant that you cook right at your table. I recommend the Tom Kha broth (traditional coconut milk broth) and the sesame dipping sauce. My favorite ingredients (order what you’d like à la carte) are: lotus root, enoki mushrooms, bok choy, tofu puffs, and (if I’m eating meat) the painted hill beef slices. I like to also order a side of rice to rest my bites on as I let them cool a bit after cooking them.

Having an adult beverage? The Lychee White Sangria is delightful.

This place is a big hit with my nieces as well (both teenagers now) and I look forward to going back again with friends and family. There is just something so unique and fun about cooking your food in front of you in their delicious broths and trying out different dipping sauces.

I’m so impressed by how thoughtful and safety-focused this business has been during the pandemic. They even closed the restaurant to give their staff enough time to get the vaccine and have a rest day afterwards.

There is a reason their ingredients are so good. As they share on their website: “At morFire, we strive whenever possible to obtain local and sustainable ingredients. Our pork, beef, and chicken are from the Pacific Northwest — pasture-raised (pork and beef), cage-free (chicken), vegetarian fed with no added hormones, and antibiotics free. As for eggs, they are from local pasture-raised chicken with GMO, soy, and corn-free diet. Soy and soybean products are non-GMO. We use organic and/or local vegetables upon availability.”

We felt very safe, comfortable, and welcome during our time dining in at morFire. Thank you to the staff for giving us such a delightful dining experience. We’ll see you again soon.

P.S. Thank you to my husband Brandon for being such an awesome, fun partner in life. Cheers to our first four years of marriage. I love you!


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