8 Favorite Restaurants in Capitol Hill, Seattle

I learned how to make an Instagram “Guide” recently, so decided to create a guide for “8 Capitol Hill [Seattle] Restaurants you’ll likely love.” My friend Molly F brought to my attention recently how much I really love sandwiches – it’s true! What’s not to love?! So there should be no surprise that the guide includes two sandwiches.

I’ve also featured my personal favorite dishes at each restaurant. Dive in!

Click here to view the whole Instagram Guide and see photos of delicious dishes from great restaurants around Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Featured dishes include

Dry Mix Beef Noodles and Fried Chicken Crispy Bao at Biang Biang Noodles

The coconut broth and bok choy at morFire

The NY Special Roll & Asparagus Tempura Roll at Sushi Maki

Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich and Plant Powered Chermoula Bowl at Homegrown (+ one of the best no-contact pick up systems that I’ve seen!)

The za’atar man’oushe at Mamnoon

The wave rider sandwich and the [best] fries [I’ve ever had] at Honeyhole

Fried Chicken and biscuit with spiced honey at Bok a Bok

Build your own bowl (with FOB rice, salmon, mango, corn & edemame) at FOB Poke

View the guide with all the photos, here. (You don’t have to have an IG account to view it)

What are YOUR favorite Seattle restaurants on Capitol Hill? I’d love to hear. Love any of the restaurants I mention? What dish do you like that I didn’t mention?

Happy eating!

I love comments and questions! Post yours here:

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