Quirky animals, a fun dice game, how to make your lips happier, and more. (Weekly Roundup 5/18/21)

Dive in to another weekly roundup. This week explores recent books, games, products, makers, and free programs:

World of Wonders

I recently enjoyed reading “World of Wonders,” a sweet & lovely book by Aimee Nezhukumatathil. Short stories weave moments of the author’s life with interesting wonders from the animal and plant kingdoms. Uplifting, playful, interesting, and relaxing. I found the author’s voice on the audiobook very soothing as I was resting up after my second vaccine jab and for relaxing in the days that followed. Thank you for bringing more joy to our lives, Aimee Nezhukumatathil.

Photo by @wildlylit on IG (used with permission)

My To-Be-Read Shelf

I’m currently reading “Four Hundred Souls” and “The Vanishing Half” during my downtime and will report back on those once I’m done. Here’s a recent doodle of books on my “To-Be-Read” shelf (bottom shelf is Fiction). What have you read lately that you’ve enjoyed?

Popular Posts

Let us continue to normalize our abilities to change our mind when presented with new information. A recent Reframe Your Brain post dives more into this idea. (Not on Facebook? Follow RYB posts on Medium here.)

I asked friends what makers they recommend for pins, clothing and accessories with “I’m vaxxed” themed artwork. Here are their suggestions (feel free to add your own suggestions too).

Did you know how easy it is to call your Senator to encourage them to stand up for what’s important to you? Here are some tips. (Got questions about this? Just ask!)

Learn More About Cultivating Pleasure

The wonderful psychologist and author Esther Perel is hosting a free 7 day challenge called “The Art of Foreplay,” starting May 20. There’s one track designed for those who are currently partnered and one designed for folks who are currently single. Details here.

Dice Game I’ve been Playing

My friends Nora & Rusty recently introduced me to the game “Sequoia” and I’m a fan. It’s easy and quick to play (2-4 players) and reminds me a bit of the game “Can’t Stop” in choosing pairs of dice to use. It’s a nice mix of chance and strategy and is a great travel sized game. The artwork design has a few flaws (hard to see how many tokens are in a stack at quick glance, some color issues, and having green circles on the cards is a bit busy) but the game design more than makes up for that. More details of this game by boardgametables can be found on Board Game Geek (which is a GREAT site). What games have you been playing?

Lip Love

I’m really grateful that my friend Alida introduced me to Lanolips. Their 101 Ointment Multi-balm has greatly improved the softness of my lips. I often get chapped/dry lips – this works better than anything else I’ve tried and tastes a lot better too. It has helped heal my lips – taking care of my in-the-moment needs and healing them over the long term, with just the right amount of thick, glossy coating. I hate the way most lip glosses feel, but really love this brand’s texture. I’m a fan of the Minty flavor (strawberry and coconutter are good too – I wish they offered sampler sizes of their other flavors /products). I appreciate what they share on their values page, too (cruelty-free, short list of ingredients, etc).

Ok, your turn:

Let me know what from this post YOU like or want to check out? What types of suggestions do you want more of? What do YOU recommend? Share with me here on the blog or on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

Until next time, have fun and be kind to yourself! – Keridwyn

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