“Marisol” by José Rivera: Outdoor theatre in Georgetown, Seattle this August!

I’m excited to see that The Williams Project is offering an OUTDOOR production of Marisol by José Rivera.

The production happens August 12 – 29. Tickets are available now (including pay-what-you-can based tickets for those in need). The show will be outside at Georgetown’s Equinox Studios. The show is a lovely 90 minutes with a 10 minute intermission (how I love shows that are under two hours).

About the show:

There’s going to be war, a revolution of angels. Are you ready? Marisol Perez has always followed the rules. Get a good job, say your prayers, never look strangers in the eye. Mostly, it’s kept her safe. But the world is changing at the speed of light. When Marisol’s guardian angel visits her in the middle of the night to warn her that God is dying and the angels have declared war, all bets are off. She must set off on an epic quest to save herself and her loved ones, through a world where the vulnerable have been left behind. A surreal comedy, a dystopia rooted in reality, full of poetry and destruction, Marisol is a story for our terrifying, exhilarating moment – about finding fight, hope, laughter, and purpose when the End Times are already here.”

Playwright José Rivera has written many plays (and has won two Obie Awards for playwriting) and audiences may recognize his name as the screenwriter of the popular movie The Motorcycle Diaries. Rivera was the first Puerto Rican screenwriter to be nominated for an Oscar.


Tickets and more info (including a nicely detailed Covid-19 Audience Safety Plan), here.

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