The fun product that has helped me hydrate better

by Keridwyn Deller

If you’ve been following Seattle Pockets for a while, you know I only blog about products I TRULY enjoy.

I wanted to share something I recently fell in love with: Reduce’s WaterWeek reusable bottles. I know it may seem silly to some that I am SO happy with a water bottle – make that FIVE water bottles and a tray to keep them organized – that I have to write about it, but

Here’s why I love my WaterWeek set:

These 5-bottle sets come with their own tray, so they are tidy in the fridge.

I’ve been looking for smaller bottles for a while, as taller ones don’t fit in my favorite everyday bags.

My set is 14 oz, so drinking all 5 bottles in a day helps me achieve my water intake goals (Ideally, I want to drink 60-70 oz a day). It also helps me easily track how much water I’ve had that day.

I get a “treat” feeling when I grab a can of sparkling water from the fridge but I’ve had to decrease the amount of sparkling water I drink each day for health reasons. These cute bottles give me that “treat” feeling again (and also offer a healthy choice when I find myself opening the fridge out of boredom).

I often split my time between my office and the living room – having a bottle in each room makes it easier for me to reach my hydration goals.

They are cute designs (they come in 14oz and 20oz sets, for those who prefer larger bottles).

They are BPA free and dishwasher safe and the opening fits my ice cubes.

Those of you who know the joy of finding something that is just the right size and fits all your needs (especially something that will help you live more healthily or happily) will relate to the feeling I have with my WaterWeek bottles.

Which set do you like the most?

What do you think of the waterweek sets?

Is there a product you have really appreciated lately?

Let me know in the comments!

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