Give a book (and maybe get some books)

I’d love you to join my book chain!

Here’s how it works:

You send one of my friends a book (from their wishlist or one you think they might like).

Then you invite friends of yours to the chain.

The friends THEY invite will send YOU books.

Message me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via my contact form to join in the fun.

Gift chains like this don’t always work, that’s true. But sometimes – often, in my experience, they work WONDERFULLY. One of my friends recently let me know she received 7 new books this way.

Evenif it hits a dead end, we have the joy of sending someone a book they will enjoy! And it’s likely you’ll delight in the joy of being gifted new books (you can choose to have the gifter choose something from your list or surprise you). Happy reading!

Photo by Jaredd Craig (used w permission)

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