Weekly Roundup: Comedies, Light Reads, Black History, & Self-Compassion (April 21, 2021)

Happy April! I’m back to share some shows, books, teachers, & artists I’ve enjoyed and recommend.

Documentary: “Hysterical

This new documentary featuring an all star cast of female comics. Fortune Feimster, Nikki Glaser, Sherri Shepherd, Judy Gold, Margaret Cho, and many more. “Hysterical takes an intimate look behind the velvet curtains and beer-soaked clubs of the comedy scene into the lives of the women shattering comedy’s glass ceiling with raucous laughter and perfectly timed punch lines. From newcomers to super stars, the funniest women in comedy drop the mic with their heartfelt struggles, personal stories and hilariously bold opinions..” Hulu

TV Show: “Made for Love

Offbeat, dark comedy, wacky, interesting story line (sort of black-mirror-lite?), I love watching the main actress (Cristin Milioti, who also rocks it in recent Hulu comedy movie “Palm Springs). HBO

Books by Emma Straub

I have recently discovered the author Emma Straub for some lighter reading (thanks Jake for recommending). I liked “Modern Lovers” but enjoyed “All Adults Here” even more, especially getting to know the character of Robin. Light, beach reads about different families and interpersonal relationships. 

How I found more time to do what brings me joy

I disabled the internet from my phone and removed social media sites. I notice I turn to my phone far too often to numb myself or interrupt hard feelings. It’s a hard process to wean myself from the amount of social media use I’m accustomed to but it’s already paying off. I’ve been able to do more of what I really want to do (including create and send a card to a friend, read more, and do more fun organizing around the house). Have you adjusted your social media use? What changes did you notice?

Who I’m learning from:

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Becky Kennedy (she focuses on parenting and while I don’t have kids, a lot of her advice can be applied to self-parenting ourselves as adults)

Dr. Kristen Neff & Dr. Chris Germer (I’m loving their wonderful Mindful Self-Compassion Program)

The many authors of the epic, educational, and moving “Four Hundred Souls.” This book, featuring 90 authors, shares important moments and people through Black history in the United States. May this be a history book students read in schools in the years to come. I recommend both the audiobook (featuring so many vibrant Black voices) and the written version.

Small business / artist to support

Seattle-based artist Sam Trout now offers his artwork on journals, clothing, prints, accessories, and more. I particularly love how his artwork looks on leggings and socks. Surprise a friend with a gift or give yourself some love with these vibrant color works of art. 

Quote I appreciate:

In response to the guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin:

“Oh, that George Floyd were still alive. But I’m thankful for accountability. The work continues. Justice is a continuum. And America must bend with the moral arc of the universe, which bends towards justice.” – Bernice A. King

I’d love to hear from YOU!

Watched/read/etc any of the things I mention? I’d love to hear your thoughts/responses!

Also, I love to hear YOUR recommendations. Pop them into the blog comments or let me know on Facebook or Instagram.

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