Monikers, memory, Waititi, makers & more (Weekly Roundup 5/5/2021)

Hear about it. It’s another weekly roundup. This edition featuring a fictional movie, a documentary, a book, a game, and local makers/artists. Check out what you want!

Fictional Movie that lived up to the hype:

Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit) may be finding a cozy spot in my favorite writer-directors list. This movie is packed with charm, delight of detail, gorgeous scenery, cheer-them-on moments, and great acting. Dive in and enjoy. Hulu.

Who I’m learning from:

Lisa Genova (Book/Audiobook: Remember.) I love when neuroscientists write approachable books. nI have so enjoyed many of Lisa Genova’s fiction books and appreciate how clear her teaching about memory is in this book. As a hypnotherapist, many of the concepts weren’t new to me, but some certainly were eye-opening (and it’s always helpful to get a neuroscientist’s view on things in addition to learning from teachers in my field). Her examples are straight forward and likeable (most coming from her own daily life). This book holds one of the most approachable explanations on how memories change (often rather dramatically over time) with repeat retrieval and reconsolidation. This can offer reasons why two people’s memories of the same experience can be so different and why trying to retrieve forgotten autobiographical memories from childhood can be problematic and often not recommended. I look forward to quoting neuroscientist Lisa Genova when explaining some memory concepts to clients/program participants. I originally got the audiobook and ebook from Seattle Public Library via the Libby App (thank you, SPL!) and have since purchased a copy as a reference book.

Crip Camp (Documentary). A small group of friends and I co-watched this via netflixparty so we could text along while we watched. I learned a lot about the disabilities rights movement that led to the Americans with Disabilities Act. I hadn’t quite understood how things were before this movement happened. This movie also gave me more understanding into the experience of the many disabled people featured in the film. I was impressed how well this movie was made. It’s heartfelt, educational, and captivating. Netflix

Check out these Makers & Artists

I rediscovered this post from last Fall where I asked Facebook friends and followers what independent artists and makers they recommend! Feel free to take a glance and add your own (small business / individuals only, please. It’s ok to share your own page too!)

Game I want to play more of

I’m looking forward to being fully vaxxed later this month and look forward to small gatherings with vaxxed folks where we can play more of the game Monikers. This game (which will feel VERY familiar if you know the game Celebrity) gets a high five for adding such clever descriptions to the card prompts which you can read if you want during round one.

Ok, your turn:

Let me know which of these books, movies, games, makers you like or want to check out. What types of suggestions do you want more of? What do YOU recommend? Share with me here on the blog or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Until next time, have fun and be kind to yourself! – Keridwyn

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