The 9 Books/Audiobooks I read in September (fiction & non-fiction)

by Keridwyn Deller

Here are the books (audiobooks) I finished this month. Happy to answer questions about specific titles. Have you read any of these? Any going on your #TBR list?
A few notes: 
📚 I really enjoyed some of the short stories in “Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang. One would make an excellent Black Mirror episode. One of the nice things about short story collections is you can skip through the stories that don’t resonate with you. 
🎧 The audiobook version of Daisy Jones & The Six fantastic – each character is played by a different actor. This book by Taylor Jenkins Reid really transported me into rock-band life and 70s era.

☕ I hear Michael Pollan talks about caffeine in his full length book “This is Your Mind On Plants” and “Caffeine” audible original is sort of a shorter- version of that section in the book. I highly recommend listening to Pollan audiobooks as his enthusiasm for the subjects really add to the learning experience (I haven’t read Plants yet but loved How to Change Your Mind.)

🧹🌘 I can see why people love reading books in a series. It sure makes it easy to pick what the next book to read should be. It was fun to go into the Practical Magic world through different generations. I’m happy to hear Alice Hoffman has the final book in this series out next week (I pre-ordered the audiobook version.)
🌹The Rosie Project series really drew me in though I am taking a breather between book 2 and 3 because I needed a break from the sound of the narrators voice (which is a GREAT fit for the book, just I need a break from his delivery / the character’s mindset) and because I got a little mad about the direction they took one of the characters in, in the second book.
✨ I’m making my way through ALL of Matt Haig’s books. Haig wrote the popular and absolutely delightful The Midnight Library. I really enjoyed Notes on a Nervous Planet (and enjoy all his non-fiction!). I didn’t realize The Dead Father’s Club is a retelling of Hamlet until after I finished it and I’m guessing I would have enjoyed the book a bit more if I had known that going in.

Have you a book recently you recommend?

Are any of these books on your to-read list or do you have thoughts/feelings about any that you’ve read. Please share in the comments!  You can follow me on Goodreads, here.

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